EarthMaster® 3000 puts focus on meeting farmers’ vertical tillage needs

February 12, 2014

EarthMaster is pleased to announce the introduction of its new and improved vertical tillage tool, EarthMaster® 3000, at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The EarthMaster 3000 takes our vertical tillage product to the next level. As a company, we strive to constantly provide the most cutting-edge technology to farmers,” said Greg Pollock, Sales and Marketing Director for EarthMaster’s Ag Division.

Designed for both spring seedbed preparation and fall residue management, the EarthMaster 3000 offers a common-wing design and features heavy-duty walking tandem axles designed to achieve level lifting. Its new, more durable rolling basket design provides a final touch for a smooth finish, reducing extra trips across the field for chemical application or spring planting. In addition, the EarthMaster 3000 has additional spiders and a thicker wall design in the support tube. For added durability, the tool has a more robust scraper and longer scraper tubes to cover gang junctions in the wing fold area.

The EarthMaster 3000 uses SoilRazor™ disc blades with a saw-tooth profile that gets sharper with use, extending the useful blade life over more acres. “In the spring, the SoilRazor discs chop through residue that survived the winter and break up surface compaction, allowing moisture, nutrients, and air into the seedbed. The discs’ action leaves a seedbed that is consistent in depth, a great start for a uniform crop,” said Randy Webb, EarthMaster’s Product Marketing Manager.

In the fall, the EarthMaster 3000 helps meet exacting residue management requirements by cutting through tough BT type stalks, stubble, or straw, and mixing the residue with just enough dirt to minimize erosion. “The narrow 7 ½" disc spacing with offset disc gangs cuts the residue into small pieces so that it will break down quickly, and the saw-tooth profile of the blade helps capture and hold the residue so that its remaining nutrients will return to the soil,” said Webb.

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